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Why did Andrew Cash killed his siblings in that manner?

The article looks at why Andrew Cash killed three of his siblings in that barbaric manner in Dublin.

Who is Andrew Cash.

Why did Andrew Cash killed his siblings in that manner?

He is a 24 year old brother of Lisa Cash and her twin siblings.

Andrew Cash is said to have stabbed his twin siblings.

His sister Lisa Cash then tried stopping him for undertaking what to her was not right.

Andrew Cash is said to have been provoked by his sister’s action and also attacked and killed her too.

He then tried unleashing his anger and desire to kill on his 14 years old brother.

The boy who can be described as a hero jumped out of the house through a window.

The 14 year old boy then alerted neighbours of the bloodbath that had taken place in their home.

It was at this point that people got to know all that has taken place.

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The Dublin murder:How a 14-year old boy helped in the arrest of the murderer.

The police came in and asked Andrew Cash,24 to put down his weapon.

This provoked Andy the more and he allegedly threw down the body of his sister Lisa downstairs.

He had already thrown his twin siblings downstairs.

The police had no option than to move up to where he was. Andrew Cash sensing danger then barricaded the entrance to the attic.

The force then taster him, before arresting him.

Andrew Cash hauled to court to answer for his actions

Andy Cash was taken to court yesterday in a special sitting. He is said to have answered no comment to all charged that were preferred against him.

The Judge who sat on the case: Patricia McNamara denied him bail and asked that he should be taken to prison.

This was after his solicitor asked that the suspect should be kept in solitary confinement.

He is to reappear on Friday 10.00am through a video link.

The victims of the barbaric killings are Lisa Cash,18 and Christy  and Chelsea Cawley, who are both 8 years old.

By Robert

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