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Lisa Cash and siblings to be buried together.

The article looks at the heroic manner in which a 14 year old boy managed to escape and helped in the arrest of his siblings murderer.

The Dublin Murder

A man who is said to be in his twenties has killed three siblings in Dublin.

The bloodbath happened in a home in Rossfield estate in Tallaght, Dublin.

The Dublin murder incident which happened around 12.30am yesterday saw “Lisa Cash, 18, and her eight-year-old twin siblings Christy and Chelsea Cawley were killed at their home”

The wicked man then threw their bodies down through an upstairs window of the house.

Who is the man who has been charged over the Lisa Cash and her twin siblings murder?

The man is believed to have use a large kitchen knife in killing them.

‘The scene was ­horrific and all three victims ­suffered violent deaths.’

He is said to have allegedly threw the twins down when the police came and were trying to reason with him.

The Dublin murder:How a 14-year old boy helped in the arrest of the murderer.

The 14 year old boy is said to have jumped out of a window and ran to neighbours for help in the Rossfield estate in Tallaght.

It is this heroic jumped that helped in the arrest of the murderer.

The boy is in hospital with serious injuries, which many say are non-life threatening.

The suspect refused to comply with officers. He refused to come down, but rather barricaded himself in the Attic.

He refused to surrender, forcing officers to taster him.


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