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Who is Monty Cocker?Four-year-old's ambulance call helps save mother in Australia

The article looks at Monty Cocker. We will see how his efforts helped save the life of his precious mother when she was in need of help.

Who is Monty Cocker?

Monty Cocker is a four old boy in Australia.

Her mother taught him how to dial triple-zero (000) in an emergency situation.

It did not take more than two days when there was a need for Monty Cocker to put to test what he was taught.

Guese what, he did not disappoint at all.

His Tasmania Nurse mother had a seizure.

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Monty Cocker is said to have called the national emergency number-000.

This was on 27th August when Monty Cocker called telling operators:”Mummy has fallen.”

The paramedics said “As we got to the address, he was in the window… waving to us.”

Monty Cocker is said to have still helped the ambulance crew that work out her Tasmanian Nurse mother.

Monty Cocker honored with a certificate.

The rare behavior of Cocker who helped in saving his mother’s life earned him a certificate of recognition of his quick thinking.

Mr Smalls, a paramedic said: “Especially if you hit your head when you fall, or you have a prolonged seizure, it can be quite serious.”

Paramedics returned to the house and  presented  Monty with a certificate of appreciation.

Her mother, Ms Cocker, who is a nurse is said to have told reporters Monty knew he’d done a good thing but had been downplaying his role, telling friends at childcare it was “easy”.

“His grandma came around and was like: ‘Where’s the superhero?’ And he said: ‘Oh no, I’m not superhero. I’m just a hero.”

Her mother said she recall how she was unwell and tried calling her husband.

This made her teach the boy how to call the ambulance using both a locked and an unlocked phone.

“I came to and it was all happening, the ambulance was there. [I’m] so proud of him… he’s certainly saved the day.”

Mr Smalls, a paramedic said: “I’ve been a paramedic for 13 years, and I’ve had older children call an ambulance, but never, never a four-year-old.”

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