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Coco Lee children

Coco Lee has died after a suicide attempt. The question that many have been asking is do Coco Lee had children? We will answer this and many more in this post.

Who was Coco Lee?

She was born on 17 January,1975 and sadly died on 5th July,2023.

She was born as FerrenCocoLee.

Coco Lee was a Hong Kong American singer, dancer, actress and songwriter.

Her career began in her native Hong Kong through Taiwan before spreading to the USA.

Her popular songs include the popular one, “Do You Want My Love” which made it to most music charts in the US.

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She made her first English song back in 1999 which she titled Just No Other Way.

What is the cause of Coco Lee death?

The popular singer attempted a suicide on 2 July,2023, but did not die. She was rushed to the hospital where she went into coma. She died from that coma. News of her death was broken to the world by her family through her elder sister.

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Did Coco Lee had children?

Yes she did. Coco Lee was a mother and proud mother of one for that matter.

The “Mulan” singer had other step children, but her biological child is only one.

Coco Lee only child was with her first husband.

She shared a daughter with this unknown man before divorcing from him.

The name of this daughter of Coco Lee is not immediately known to us.

She also had two step children from her second husband, Bruce Rockowitz.

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