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Dylan Mageed

Dylan Magee will be our focus in this article. We will look at the man who murdered an elderly man in a Cork Hospital.

Who who is Dylan Magee?

Dylan Magee

He is a 30 year old man from Churchfield green. Churchfield Green is located in the Northside of Cork city.

His solicitor revealed that Dylan Magee is  receiving disability allowance.

He did the unthinkable when he reportedly murdered a fellow patient while the two of them were at the hospital for treatment.

Magee murder of the victim occurred in the morning of Sunday at the Mercy University Hospital.

It is strange that Dylan Magee did not find mercy for the elderly man at a hospital of mercy.

He appeared at a district court in cork after he was arrested at 5.30 on the very day of the murder. He appeared before Judge Olann Kelleher and did not utter a word at his brief stay at the court.

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Dylan Magee is charged with murder. The murder occurred at the St Joseph’s ward of the MUH hospital.

Detective Maurice O’Connor of the Bridewell Garda Station revealed that he arrested Magee  at 6.29pm on Monday.

H was however charged with murder at 7.18pm. Dylan Magee solicitor said his client had “psychiatric difficulties” and asked that he be given treatment while in custody.

He was not given bail, neither was it asked as the district court lacks jurisdiction to grant such bail in the case of murder.

Mr Magee  will have his day in court on 30th January,2023. He will appear before Cork District Court again by video link.

Who is Dylan Magee victim?Matthew Healy.

His victim was an 89 year old man.


Dylan Magee victim

Dylan Magee victim was a retired farmer. He used to lived in Berrings in Co Cork. He was admitted at the MUH after he was taken ill.Matthew Healy who survived his wife died on Sunday morning.

His wife by name Delia is said to have died in this month of January.

Matthew Healy and his wife Delia was survived by three children.

Their children are two sons and one daughter.

The two later married couples lost one of their daughters. She died through drowning, many years ago.

The 89 year old retired farmer also had grand children. His adult children had children, who became his grand children. The total number of grand children from his three surviving children are 8.
Most of the generations of the Healy family lives in Berrings. It is  a small village 17.5 kilometres north west of Cork city.
Matthew Healy had retired  from his farming career around 15 years ago. Locals described him as a gentle and kind man.
The MUH hospital,where Healy was murdered issued a statement mourning him.

By Robert

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