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The article looks at 3 ways to make money with adsterra ads. There have been a crazy for content creation online.

Every single second, a great number of people join the race to making money online.

The path has not been an easy one for most of them. Majority come in with huge firm, but get extinguished in a matter of days, months or years. They put in a lot of effort and investment and hope to make a big quick money.

However, they end up disappointed. They get in and realized that making money online through blogging and video blogging  may not be a get rich scheme like they thought.

The nightmare of any content creator has been and continue to be ads. We think that once we work our way and get to have ads on our network, then we will begin to harvest gold.

The rubrics to getting ads on your site has been a challenge to many bloggers and other content creators.

However, one place is offering a respite to these individuals and I will be introducing you to them, shortly.

Who are Adsterra ads? What are 3 ways to make money with adsterra ads?

The best ads network for every blogger to have is adsterra ads network.

Yes you heard me right, Adsterra advertisement is the new way out for content creators.

Who are they? I can hear you asking in the background. well, I will walk you through them and tell you  about the 3 ways to make money with adsterra ads.

Adsterra say they are “Global advertising and CPA affiliate network with a uniquePartner Care approach“.

The added that their mission is to “We help advertisers meet their KPIs and grow ROI, while publishers maximize eCPM with our easy-to-use, advanced traffic solutions and the best team in the industry”.

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Adsterra has several “High-converting ad formats’ that you can choose for your convenience.

We will be walking you through some of the ads network that Adsterra ads have for you.


It is the first ads format you can choose to present ads on your site.

Popunder ads as the name denotes are displayed in a “new browser window or tab and can remain hidden behind the main browser window”.

They say popunder scripts is huge and delivers 100% responsiveness.

Social Bar

Adsterra social bar  helps achieve even higher CPMs and that advertisers can reach as high as 30x higher CTRs in comparison with other web push ads.

They say their ” Animated icons, videos, custom banners, and countdowns’ is attractive and gets  many clicks and which will lead to prompt conversions.

Are you inching to join adsterra ads already.

Click this link to register as publisher on adsterra ads.

Native Banners.

I use native banners on my side. Adsterra  says their run AdBlock-resistant and cost-effective CPC, CPM, and CPA native banner campaigns.

The good part is that native banners ads format blend so well in web and mobile content. It drives up to about 8x higher CTRs  and this puts it higher as compared to classic display ads.

Video Ads

They also offer video ads. What is that you may ask?  It is a short video that comes before the main content.

They  either use your VAST/VPAID tags, or host your videos.

Well I save the best for the last.

Let us now look at the 3 ways to make money with adsterra ads.

3 ways to make money with adsterra ads

Adsterra Direct link.

With adsterra, you don’t need to have website to make money as a publisher. Yes, with Adsterra  direct link, you can make money without a website.

I hope you are wondering how that will be done, well let me help you out.

3 ways to make money with adsterra ads

Well this picture above, tells it all.

Many are still not convince and may be asking themselves the following questions:

How does Direct Link work?

How much can you make with it?

Where to place it? Well, that is why  I am here to help you and lead you to your next goldmine.

Direct link is an ad unit  put together for publishers and webmasters.

Its nature is that,it does not have any visual format, but just a URL.

You will register to adsterra and request for your own Unique URL and you can put it on your site, mobile app and even on social media.

After registering, you will need  to follow the following steps to get your direct link.

  1.  “Login in as Adsterra publisher.
  2. Find the Direct Links tab on the vertical toolbar.
  3. Click the ADD NEW DIRECT LINK button.
  4. On the pop-up window, choose your traffic type (or link category), check ads you want to remove from your feed (if needed).
  5. Click ADD when all is done. From this moment, your request is on Approval.
  6. Give us a couple of minutes to check if everything is OK”.


3 ways to make money with adsterra ads
Image source: Adsterra

You can equally find help by contacting their customer support team by licking this symbol

on your dashboard.

They will happily walk you through every step to help you get your direct link in place.

Adsterra Referral link.

You can make money by referring your friends and fellow industry mates to adsterra ads.

The good news is that you will be earning 5% of the total amount they will be earning.

That sounds right, is it not?

Let us assume, your referred fellow makes$100 per month. That will get you $5 for no work done.

If you have ten of such individuals, making $100 monthly, you will be pocketing as much as $50 for no work done.

You can join adsterra by joining through my referral link. You will be helping me and giving more opportunity for me to give out more content of  how to make money online.

Adsterra affiliates.

The final way to make money from adsterra ads is to become their affiliate.

According to them, you will get the chance to get direct offers from advertisers.

This will be once in a lifetime offer.

They say this unique offer will “increased payouts and great CR. Make sure to test the best selection of VPN, Utility, and Sweepstake Offers!”.

3 ways to make money with adsterra ads
Image source: Adsterra

I must admit, that it took me over 7 months to make my first $100 from adsense, but less time to achieve the same results with adsterra ads.

This is my proof.3 ways to make money with adsterra ads

So join adsterra ads today and make money like never before.

The other good and exciting part of adsterra ads is that, it takes just minutes for you to get your site approved to show their ads.

There are no strict limits like most ads network.

Let us interact more in the comment section as you join adsterra ads today. You can ask question and queries about adsterra ads and will be ready to help you.

Have a happy adsterra day today.





By Robert

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