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Zhao Chunli

Zhao Chunli will be discussed. He is the suspect in the second shooting in California in less than a week.

California is mourning over the second shooting incident in the State. The suspect in this second shooting incident is not dead, but have been arrested. It may offer authorities the chance to see if he is somewhat connected to the first lunar moon celebrations shooting.

We will delve deeper into the life of this suspect.

Who is Zhao Chunli?

He is the suspect in the second shooting incident in the American State of California.

Zhao Chunli is a 67 year old man. He is a co-worker in the agricultural farm.

He is an Asian-American citizen. He is said to have worked in one of the farms that his shooting spree occurred.

Local police officers say, he acted  alone and that locals in the area  can go about their lives without fear.

Zhao Chunli attack happened in a coastal city called Half Moon Bay. Zhao Chunli made a rare  move of driving to a police station.

It is not clear if he was going to the police station to submit himself or what.

Who are Zhao Chunli victims?

The victims of the 67 Asian- American citizen are mostly Chinese-American.

Zhao Chunli victims are farm workers, just like himself. Some of them worked with him in one of the farms.

Zhao Chunli action is one that is taking California to big mourning.

Mr. Gavin Newsom, the California Governor had tweeted that he was visiting victims of the first shooting incident at the hospital.

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It was at the hospital that, he was pulled aside to be given this second bad news of a second shooting incident.

The Governor described the situation of the state of California as  “tragedy upon tragedy”.

Four of Zhao Chunli victims were discovered at “a mushroom farm”.

His other three victims were found at  place  not far from the first spot. The three other Zhao Chunli victims were found at a trucking business.

His victim did not die, but is in hospital with a critical health condition.

This shooting is said to be horrific as school children, who were let out of school saw the attack happened.

The San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus  is said to have  said

“This kind of shooting is horrific. It’s a tragedy we hear about far too often, but today it’s hit home here in San Mateo County,”

“For children to witness this is unspeakable.”

His arrest was captured live on camera by a US news outlet.

Zhao Chunli

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