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Meet Aaron Matthew: teen who stabbed his mother over 80 times to death

Aaron Matthew is a teen who stabbed his mother to death. He killed his mum by stabbing her over 80 times in a ferocious attack  and he will spend the part of his life in jail.

The incident happened in last September, when Aaron Matthew  brutally killed his mum Ingrid at their  flat in Highfields, Leicester.

Aaron who is 19-year-old has been sentenced at Leicester Crown Court  today. He will have to serve at least six years and 226 days behind bars before he can be considered for release.

Aaron Matthew was termed as “dangerous” and posing a “serious risk to the community”  LeicestershireLive reported.

Matthew had  pleaded guilty to killing  his 54-year-old Ingrid  in April.

He however changed his plea from murder, with which he’d been charged, to manslaughter. The body of Ingrid, his 54 year old mother body was found by Andrew Marshall, who is Ingrid’s former partner and Aaron Matthews’s father in the  bedroom of Matthew in September last year.

Meet Aaron Matthew: teen who stabbed his mother over 80 times to death

Ingrid was said to have been playing games on her phone and Mr Marshall said after a few hours , all was “quiet” and “normal”.

Ingrid former lover said she and Matthew had had a “good relationship” and his son had never threatened to harm them. The 19 year old used a hunting knife he allegedly bought to kill her mother and left the house after changing clothes.

An examination on Ingrid’s body showed that she had been subjected to 83 attacks. This attack chipped her skull and fractured three ribs.

Aaron Mathew’s later submitted himself to the police after he fled to Peterborough. Aaron, a teen has been diagnosed with autism – something that would have “impaired his judgement” in the moments around the stabbing, the court heard.

He has maintained that he does not remember what happened,  but prosecutors said they believed Matthew still largely understood what he had done.

Kate Goddard QC has been quoted to have said  at today’s hearing: “Aaron Matthew hid possession of the knife from his father. He changed his clothes after the [killing] and left the Leicester area before making arrangements to hand himself in to police.

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“He did not call for help for his mother after stabbing Ingrid and was unable to be contacted until one day after the [killing].”

Narita Bahra QC, who was defending Matthew, said he had since shown remorse for his actions, but his ASD diagnosis meant his life was difficult.

“In previous letters, he accepts he has done wrong and knows he cannot bring his mother back,” she said. “This is a young man who knows he will receive a significant sentence.

“Aaron has difficulty understanding the feelings of others. People had told him he had a ‘flat face’. He is now 19 years of age and has discovered he has a mental health disorder – one he did know about before the offence. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to help this young man.”


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