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Meet Amina and Sarah? Texas trial for taxicab driver and murderer Yasir Said begins

A Jury selection process is said to begin in the trial of Yasir Said,a Texas taxicab driver accused in the 2008 of the  “honor killings” of his two teenage daughters.

Yasir Said whose full name is Yaser Abdel Said was arrested after  being on the run for 12 years.

He was arrested on August 2020, in Justin which is  36 miles northwest of Dallas.

Yasir Said was  one of the famous FBI’s 1o Most Wanted list.

Yasir Said brother and the son of his brother were equally arrested in Eules, Texas. The crime of the two was for

harboring a known fugitive and they  are both serving prison terms  in federal prison.

Who is Yasir Said:Taxicab driver and murderer of Amina and Sarah

Yasir Said was born in  Egypt and is suspected to have  sought on a capital murder warrant since the New Year’s Day 2008 fatal shootings.

The two teens were Lewisville High School students and they were Sarah Yaser Said, 17, and Amina Yaser Said, 18.

A family source indicated at the time that Sarah 17, received a threat of bodily harm against her for going out for a date with a non -Muslim. Sarah and Amina’s mother, Patricia Said fled with the girls, a week before their unfortunate murder because she was in “great fear for her life.”

Gail Gattrell, the sisters’ great-aunt, has called the deaths an “honor killing,”  in which a woman is murdered by a relative to protect her family’s honor.

“Help,” said a crying voice on the 911 recording, later determined by police to be that of Sarah Said. “I’m dying. Oh my God. Stop it.”

Meet Amina and Sarah? Texas trial for taxicab driver and murderer Yasir Said begins

Sarah’s call for help could not be processed because she did not give direction and much of what she said was described to be  to unintelligible.

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The dispatcher’s repeated requests for her to provide an address went unanswered. Another emergency dispatcher received another call about an hour later from an Irving motel. The sisters’ bodies were in a cab, one in the front passenger seat and the other in the back. The caller said he could see blood.

“They don’t look alive,” said the caller, whose name was deleted from the recording.

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