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Meet the two men who conspired to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
A jury has sentenced two men in connection with the alleged conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
The article looks at the two men involved.
The two men are Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr.
They are also been convicted for conspiring to get a weapon of mass destruction.
The weapon of mass destruction was a bomb which they were going to use to blow up a bridge.
This the reports indicated will stymie the police to allow for the kidnapping to take place at the Governor’s vacation home.
Now let us look at them individually.
Barry Croft Jr. is a trucker from Delaware, specifically in Bear.
He was also previously convicted of another case that has to do with explosives.
The two, along with others were accompanied by the government operatives.
They are said to have traveled to northern Michigan, with the aim of seeing Whitmer’s vacation home at night.
They also planned about how they could  destroy a bridge.
Fox and Croft described themselves  as “big talkers”. They say they are people  who liked to smoke marijuana and that they were guilty of nothing.

They added that they were just exercising their right to say vile things about Whitmer and government.

This is what Croft attorney had to say: “This isn’t Russia. This isn’t how our country works,” Croft attorney Joshua Blanchard told jurors.

“You don’t get to suspect that someone might commit a crime because you don’t like things that they say, that you don’t like their ideologies.”

Fox attorney Christopher Gibbons on the other hand said the FBI isn’t supposed to create “domestic terrorists.” He added that Fox was a poor fella who was  living in the basement of a Grand Rapids-area vacuum shop.

He said his living place was a site for meetings with Chappel and an agent.

By Robert

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