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What is automobile insurance?

Automobile insurance is an insurance that one takes to protect himself or herself and the vehicle that he/she is driving in case of an accident.

It is illegal for owners and operators of automobiles to use them without insurance.

In California for example, automobile users are required to comply with the financial responsibility laws which require all automobiles to have insurance.

However not all users can afford the financial burden of an automobile insurance. That is why, we have put together 5 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in 2023 that will meet your budget.

You must remember that it is not all companies that offer cheapest insurance to all categories of users/drivers.

5 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in 2023.

Here are the 5 cheapest car insurance companies in 2023.


It is one of the cheapest automobile insurance you can find on the market. It offers the cheapest  especially for good drivers, those with DUI as well as those who caused an accident. USAA also offer accidents forgiveness and new car replacement. You can also get rideshare insurance coverage option with them.

You may also like to have a look at their usage-based insurance program(SAfePilot). Good drivers can use it to potentially lower their car insurance costs.

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They have an average cost of $1,412 for good drivers. Their average annual cost for those with speeding ticket is $1,709.  Their complaints level is average.

The other part is that it is only for those in the military and their families. Veterans and their families are also qualified for this insurance.

Auto Owners.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in 2023.

The second insurance comapany to consider when we talk about cheapest automobile insurance is Auto Owners. Its optional coverage, claims process, low level of complaints and competitive pricing is what makes them stand out.

The benefits of buying an insurance with them include the following.

It has a better insurance cost for drivers who caused accident, but it must be noted that it comes  second place when compared with USAA.

There is also accident forgiveness and that of diminishing deductibles. Auto owners also give a discount that can be described as good. They offer averagely 14% discount for those who pay in full for an auto insurance policy.

They have Gap insurance and there is also new car replacement coverage. If you are a good driver, then you can try their TrueRide program to help you possibly lower your insurance cost.

Finally with auto Owners, you receive a “high grade from collision experts on its claim process”.

Their average annual cost for good drivers is $1,628 and that for speeding ticket is $2,250


Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in 2023.

Westfield  insurance has cheaper car insurance for many category of drivers. They also come along with their unique low level of complaints.

The other benefits that you get if you buy WestField  automobile insurance are as follows:

They offer cheap auto insurance especially for good drivers and those with accident or tickets on their records.

If you are senior driver and a driver with poor credit, you will also benefit from their cheap rates.They received a B grade from collision experts in a survey conducted by CRASH Network.

WestField have several discounts like discount for teen drivers and adult children who are buying their Westfield car insurance policy within a family.

Their average annual cost for good drivers is $1,759 and that of their average annual cost for drivers with speeding ticket is $2001.


Though it was ratings have been down due to its collision repair process, it still stand out among the cheapest automobile insurance company to choose from.

They have cheap auto insurance for a good driver and those with a speeding ticket as well as those with a poor credit.

Even those who were caught without insurance can still get cheap insurance with them.

They also give good rates for senior drivers and young drivers. The rates for young drivers  is what make them stand out as insurance for young drivers can be very expensive.

Their average annual cost for good drivers is $1716 and that of average annual cost for drivers with speeding ticket is $2,098.


The fifth cheapest auto mobile insurance company is Travelers.

Their optional offerings are great and  they also have cheap offers for many kind of drivers.

Travelers gives good price for loan or lease gap insurance and this is around $39 per year.

You will also get accident forgiveness as well as minor violations forgiveness too.

Safe drivers can discount with their usage-based insurance program.

They come with low level of complaints. Travelers average annual cost for good drivers is $1,852 while that of the average annual cost for drivers with speeding ticket is $2,481.

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