The woman was fishing at night in a river when her friends heard her screaming. She could however only watch in horror as  the 19ft crocodile clamped its sharp jaws around Fatimah before dragging her underneath the water.

Photos  have emerged  showing the tragic lady’s limbs being removed by angry villagers from inside the beast’s stomach after it had been shot by police.

Other body parts were found nearby, including Fatimah’s severed head, after the crocodile had thrown them away.

Woman's body cut out of crocodile's stomach just moments after it swallowed her whole
The woman’s headless body being put in rubber bag.

According to Amiruddin, head of the Tarakan National SAR Agency said: “The police first shot the crocodile. Then, the stomach of the crocodile was cleaved, and pieces from the victim’s body were found.”

Information gathered by eyewitnesses say  Fatimah had been releasing food into the water on Tibi Island in Bulungan Regency when she was attacked.

Police  search party was call in, as well as concerned residents began a search operation and after just a few hours they found her head and body parts.

The next day, the SAR Agency team came across and caught the crocodile responsible for the killing on the banks of the river.

Woman's body cut out of crocodile's stomach just moments after it swallowed her whole

Villagers pull their missing neighbour’s body Yeniman Bernard, 32, from a crocodile’s stomach after it swallowed him

The woman’s remains were taken to the city of Tarakan where they were given to her family.

Amiruddin  again went on to note the difficulty of people living alongside man-eating crocodiles: ”We have warned residents to stay away from the water as there could be more crocodiles in the area.

”People need to make a livelihood from the water so it’s not always possible to avoid it but they should take extra care.”

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