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Woman turns into a cow after Sleeping with a married man [Video]

Woman turns into a cow after Sleeping with a married man [Video]

Wonders they say shall never end. See how a woman turned into a cow with cow feet in Tanzania.

This is a trending video that every one must watch and draw lessons from. In the said video, you can see the woman on the floor weeping. She is being consoled by fellow women. In the melee, others were seen laughing at what has not seen before.

Neighbors and by standers were trouping to the place to catch a glimpse of this new wonder.

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Woman turns into a cow
Woman turns into a cow in Tanzania
 It is alleged that the woman had taken someone’s husband and it is this jealous wife who have bewitched the woman leaving her in her current predicament.
There are also other speculative reports that she had an affair with a married man and after the act, she detected that her legs had turned into cow feet.
There is a video to confirm the incident and to show that it is not a hoax as others may think.
Social media is buzzing after the “Woman turns into a cow after Sleeping with a married man” with its attended video.
Watch the video below.


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