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Josh Bashford and wife Chloe

We will look at Josh Bashford and his wife Chloe. We will look at the circumstances surrounding their death and the children they left behind.

Who were Josh Bashford and wife Chloe?

Josh Bashford  was a 33 year old man. He was the husband to his loving wife Chloe.

Chloe was a 30 year old woman and wife to her husband Josh Bashford.

They were tragically found dead at a property in Lewis road in Newhaven which is in East Sussex.

This happened 7pm on Friday.

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 Josh Bashford and wife Chloe
Police officers are still investigating the cause of death of the popular couple.

Emergency service providers had to rushed to the home  of the couple  which is inside Newhaven Cemetery.

A suspect has been  arrested  on the death of the couple.

Who are the children that Josh Bashford  and wife Chloe left behind?

The couple left behind four children.

Josh Bashford and wife Chloe  left behind two boys and two girls. They are now been remembered as the “most amazing parents”.

Josh Bashford wife, Chloe’s niece Georgie Last said in an emotional statement: “My beautiful Auntie and Uncle.


 Josh Bashford and wife Chloe
 Josh Bashford and wife Chloe

“Words can not begin to explain the pain we are all feeling right now. Never did we think we would experience heartbreak and pain like this.

“The most funny and loving pair, you loved each other so much it was just amazing to see what true love looked like.

“You were the most amazing parents to four beautiful, intelligent, and loving children.

“We will all do everything to make sure they are supported, loved, and looked after.

“We all love you so much, forever and always in our hearts.”

Her brothers, Steven and Simon Glenn, also took to social media to mourn their loss.

Steven wrote: “Not sure how to process this pain and empty feeling in our hearts and with a constant stream of tears in our eyes, but for now we sadly have to say goodbye to our baby sister and her husband.

“Taken cruelly from us far too young leaving 4 beautiful children behind.

“Chloe and Josh we didn’t always see eye to eye but you was and will always be our baby sister, we will miss you dearly and you will be forever in our thoughts and prayers RIP.”

By Robert

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