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Arnold and Ethel Beck

Arnold and Ethel Beck, Jeff Beck parents are up for discussion in this piece. We will look at how his career began in church and blossomed into the world.

Who were Arnold and Ethel Beck?

They are the parents of British guitarist Jeff Beck.

Arnold and Ethel Beck were staying at “206 Demene road” along with young Jeff in England town of Wallington.

Arnold and Ethel Beck enrolled him at Sutton Manor school as well as at the County Secondary Modern school.

With the influence of his parents, young Jeff began singing in church at a tender age of 10.

He had been influenced greatly in his guitarist career by one Les Paul.

Not much is known of them, after this. However, they might have still continued in supporting him at the early part of his career.

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Jeff Beck children. Did he had children with his wife Sandra?

Arnold and Ethel Beck son, had to played a borrowed guitar. He is reported to have even made attempts in building his own guitar instrument at the time.

It is not clear if Arnold and Ethel Beck could not afford a guitar for him.

Jeff is said to have attended Wimbledon College of Art. He worked as a painter after school. He also worked as a decorator, car paint sprayer as well as a groundsman in the course of a golf field.

What is Jeff Beck Cause of death?

He unfortunately died at the age of 78. Many are wondering the what killed the famous personality.

The cause of Jeff Beck death is, what many may find weird, especially at these modern era.

However, given his age, this is possible. Jeff Beck cause of death is  bacterial meningitis.

What is it? You may ask. Well it is “It is an Acute or chronic inflammation of the protective membranes covering the  brain and spinal cord collectively called the Meninges”.

Jeff Beck died on 10 January,2023.


By Robert

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