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Who was Thomas Golden?Angry dog owner who wielded a pitchfork.


Thomas Golden will be our focus. We will look at what the farmer did that caused his arrest.

Who is Thomas Golden?

He is a 68 year old farmer.

He is from Ardhoom, Meelich in Swinford.

The elderly farmer is said to have refused the seizure of his dog by ISPCA.

The farmer objected the seizure of his dog by wielding a four-pronged pitchfork.

This force the ISPCA to called the support of  the Garda Armed Response Unit.

The officers had to taster the 68 year old, before arresting him.

Mr. Golden is said to have appeared in court today, before his honour Judge Eoin Garavan.

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This happened at the Castlebar Circuit Criminal Court where he slapped with several assault charges.

Sergent Maureen Flynn told the court that the previous visits to the suspects farm by ISPCA was met with stiff resistance.

The 68 year old refused to allow the team from ISPCA to enter his farm, by indicating that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his animals.

When the team from ISPCA tried negotiating with him, he refused and closed his window on them.

How was Thomas Golden arrested.

When the Garda Armed Response team came, Thomas picked the pitchfork and even threatened to thrust it through  one of the officers, should the officer dare him.
They had to spray him with incapacitant liquid, before arresting him.

What condition was the animals on Thomas Golden property?

The team from ISPCA found six dogs which were described as being in a deplorable condition.
The water that was served them was dirty and that one of them even escaped.
Mr Golden on the other hand defended that the animals were like his children and that he even rescued them from their homeless situation they were previously in
The judge reminded the suspect that he should have known that they ISPCA team were doing their job and should not  have obstructed them.
He was convicted with a a suspended jail sentence of 18 months. This was on each of the assault charges and that they are to run concurrently.

By Robert

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