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Texas mall shooter: Mauricio Garcia

We will look at the Texas Mall shooter that left 8 dead. We will also take you to his home and what police found in his home.

Who was the Texas Mall shooter?

His name is Mauricio Garcia. He was in the USA army. He was however dismissed in 2008 over mental health issues.

He was a man in his 30s.  He was in a military gear described as tactical.

The late suspect had a tattoo on his left hand according videos on social media.

The man shot and killed 8 people.

The Texas mall shooter was living with his parents. Neighbors who knew the man before said he was a quiet person.

He was said to be wearing a security uniform. Though they said they did not see him with a gun.

It is not clear his race as his family members needed a translator to able to speak with police officers who visited their home.

Neighbors said his car, the “gray Dodge Charger” was always packed infront of their home.

They however added that the said car has not been there for weeks now.

Police officers have still not name the suspect who was killed after officers responded with fire after he killed many.

Texas mall shooter

Who are the Texas mall shooter parents?

His parents have also not been named.FBI agent and police officers stormed the man’s home on Sunday, a day after that gruesome massacre at the mall.

A New York post report said his family needed a translator to respond to officers queries.

The Texas mall shooter home is located in Dallas.

He is reported to have stayed at this place for a long time with his parents.

His home is also approximately 30 miles from the spot where the shooting took place.

Officers were earlier at the home on Saturday night.


Texas Mall shooter: Law enforcement officials have begun to search the home of the Texas mall mass shooter that left eight dead and seven injured on May 6, 2023.

By Robert

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