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Who was the St Louis school shooter?

The St Louis school shooter will be discussed. We will look at his motives, his victims and what prevented what could have been like the Thailand school massacre.

Who was the St Louis school shooter?

He is a 19 year old man. The shooter was a former student of the Central Visual &performing arts High school.

The suspect managed to enter the school, though its doors were locked.

The St Louis high school shooter allegedly had over hundred bullets.

That is not all, he had sorted the bullets into what has been described as “nearly a dozen high-capacity magazines”

In the course of his shoot out, his weapon allegedly jammed making it difficult for him to continue.

the Unnamed gunman engaged in a gun battle with police and later died from his injuries.

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It is believed the shooter might have a mental problem.

Taniya Gholston, who is a 16 year old student , told the St Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper that she had an encounter with  the gunman.’

She said: “I was trying to run and I couldn’t run.”

“Me and him made eye contact but I made it out because his gun got jammed.”

She added that she heard the gunman saying: “I’m tired of this damn school.”

What prevented the nearly blood bath in the attack?

One thing that prevented the Thailand school attack situation was the jamming of the suspects weapon.

The second thing that helped ti reduce the death toll was the rapid response of the police.

Officers say, it took just four minutes for police to get to the scene and another 10 minutes to stop the shooter.

Reports say the police “quickly stopped” the suspect. The security workers say they alerted staff of the incident and called the police immediately. The motive of the attack is not immediately clear.

The St Louis school shooter victims.

A girl who is said to be in her teens died at the scene. A 61 year old woman who is said to be a teacher in the school also died later in the hospital. She has been identified as Jean Kuczka.

Jean Kuczka is said to have been in the school since 2008 and her daughter paid glorying tribute to her.

Abigail Kuczka said:”My mom loved kids.” She further told the Post-Dispatch that her mother died protecting the people she loved.

These two, in addition to the shooter makes three, the number of people who died in the incident.

The is reporting that three girls and four boys were also injured in the unprovoked attack.

The injured students are said to be  suffering from “gunshot wounds, shrapnel injuries and cardiac arrest”

The suspect, identified by police as a 19-year-old former student, exchanged gunfire with police and later succumbed to his injuries.

His motive for the attack at the school of about 400 students is unclear.

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