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Who was the man driving the car that hit several cars and horse box in Fermoy?

The article looks at the man who used his car to hit several cars and a horse box at Fermoy.

Who was the man driving the car that hit several cars and horse box in Fermoy?

The man is someone who is in his 20s.

He reportedly used his car to smash several cars  in Fermoy in Co Cork.

The unnamed man also drove into a horse box on Saturday afternoon.

He also injured a bystander who tried to intervene.

The bystander tried opening the door of the black Ford that he was driving.

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He did a reverse in the process and injured the man.

He sped away after seeing gardai, but was later stopped and arrested.

This is a gardai statement on the incident from a Gardai spokesman:

“A car drove down Mac Curtain Street and damaged a number of parked vehicles and struck a pedestrian who received non-life threatening injuries.

“A man, aged in his 20s, was arrested at the scene and taken to Fermoy Garda station where he is currently detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984.”

The man who crashed into cars and horse box charged in Fermoy,set to appear in court today.

A Garda statement further added that he has been charged and will appear in Mallow District Court on Monday.

“Gardai are appealing for any witnesses to come forward and any road users with video footage are asked to make this available to them.”

There have been statements from witnesses and gardai are also looking at videos to get details of what actually happened.

One witness said  “Myself, my partner and our two-year-old were in the car right next to the horse box facing towards him as the car crashed into it. It was terrifying.”

Noel McCarthy, Fiana Fail Councillor who spoke to the Mirror(Irish) believes it could have been worst.

“There was damage done to cars and things but other than that, there was no loss of life thank god.”

He went further to praise people who warn others not to get to the street.

“Fair play to the bystanders. I think they saved people’s lives. They were telling people to not go onto the road and were warning them and that stopped people from being badly injured or worse. And I praise the gardai for the swift action after that. It was a frightening scene in Fermoy on Saturday.”

The incident happened at the time Gardai were celebrating their 100th anniversary at Fermoy. Officers responded as fast as they could at the scene.

Cllr O’Flynn acknowledge their swift response and was grateful to them. “I’m grateful to the gardai for their response. They actually are celebrating their 100th anniversary here in Fermoy today. It was very lucky because the incident could have been far worse. And it was very lucky that no one was actually seriously hurt.”


By Robert

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