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Taylen Mosley will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how he was found inside an alligator’s mouth.

Who was Taylen Mosley?

Taylen Mosley
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He was a 2 year old toddler from Florida.

He was declared missing and police were even on a hunt for him.

However the hunt for the 2 year old Taylen Mosley ended in a tragic manner.

The discovery of Mosley body followed a day after his mother was murdered.

Lakita Denson told WFLA that:“He’s always calling his mom on his cell phone,” further adding that: “He miss his mom, they calling each other all the time. She really loved Taylen.”

Theo Brickhouse also said:“We just want to say that Taylen is a beautiful little boy”. He also added that:“He’s really loving and caring.”

How did Taylen Mosley ended at the alligator’s mouth?

This is the most difficult question and is the question many are asking.

After the boy was declared missing, police were looking for him in the Dell Holmes Part area. It was here that they spotted the alligator having something in his mouth.

The police said they discovered the alligator  having “an object in its mouth” in the Maggiore Lake.

The officers immediately fire shots at the alligator and killed it in the process. This forced the dead alligator  to drop young Taylen Mosley’s body.

Police who said:“We are sorry that it had to end this way”  are still investigating the issue.

Chief Holloway who is at the St. Petersburg police office said the are not clear as to “how the boy died or if he was dead before he ended up in the lake”.

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Who was Taylen Mosley’s mother who was murdered a day before he was discovered inside the alligator’s mouth?

Taylen Mosley
Image Source:nypost

Young Mosley mother’s name is Pashun Jeffery.

She was a 20 year old woman and mother of two year old Mosley. She was found dead in her apartment from what police said was from “multiple stab wounds”.

This was after Police traced her where about and had to followed blood trail to her apartment.

It is believed that her husband murdered her. This was after he checked into a hospital with knife wounds. It is believed these must be wounds he sustained from Jeffery in self defense.

Who is Thomas Mosley? The killer of Pashun Jefferey and father of Taylen Mosley?

He is the suspect believed to have murdered his wife. This was made clear after he checked into a health facility with “cuts to his hands into his arms.”

Police said that: “nothing in our investigation leads us to believe that he is a victim.”

It was after this point when he went into the hospital without his son that made the police be alarmed that the child might be in danger.

Police had to dive into ponds near by before making it to the Maggiore lake where Taylen Mosley body was found in the alligator’s mouth.


Taylen Mosley
Officers spotted an alligator with "an object in its mouth" inside Lake Maggiore.


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