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Sydney Sims

Sydney Sims will be discussed in this post. We will look at how her death affected the Nashville shooter and might have led to her emotional disorder which culminated to the shooting itself.

Who was Sydney Sims?

Hale's friend Sydney Sims passed away in August 2022 after a vehicle accident.

She was born on 4th March, 1995 but sadly passed in 2022. Her parents are Gaea Thompson and Decotus Sims.

Her siblings are Taylor Sims, Zoe (Alex) Smith, Shayne Thompson, and Dakota Sims. She attended school at Creswell Middle Magnet school of arts and the Martin Luther King Jr Magnet High school.

Her basketball career saw her being selected to the “All City Team in 2012”. You can read more about her through her obituary.

She was a friend to Audrey Hale. Sydney Sims died in 2022 through a vehicle accident. Audrey Hale, the Nashville shooter was close to Sims.

Their friendship  dates back to their middle and high schools. The pair were class mates  and equally played basket.

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Hale and Sims were in the basketball team in high school.

Samira Hardcstle who is a classmate to Hale and Sims told the New York Post that:

“After Sydney’s tragic death, Audrey was really heartbroken over it … I just feel like she took it differently than some of us did. She was still posting about Sydney almost daily.

“What I knew of her was more admiring [Sydney]. Maybe even infatuation. That’s specifically who she really, really looked up to.”

What shows that the Nashville shooter was infatuated with Sydney Sims?

The actions and even social media post of the Nashville shooter showed that she was infatuated with Sims.

The showed a TiKTok post in which Audrey Hale post: “iam_aiden10,” dedicated to “Syd”.

The post which was shared in February has since been deleted.In the said TikTok Video, Hale shadow is said to be seen bouncing a basketball. The following words were said in the course of the bouncing: “For Syd. I look up the sky is bright. It’s a beautiful day. I wish you were here…”

HardCastle who was a mate to Hale and Sims further added that:“I don’t think she was with anyone. She was just kind of by herself,” Hardcastle said, adding, “I don’t think that they were very close but I think Audrey looked up to [her] like she looked up to Sydney. But I don’t know that it was ever, like, a two-way thing.”

Sydney Sims

Audrey Hale is said to have been heartbroken following Sydney Sims death. All these might have affected her emotional disorder, the reason her parents did not want her to have a gun.

Sydney Sims
Image Source:nypost
A classmate said that Hale "looked up" to Sims.


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