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Who was Stephen Lynch?innocent man ploughed down by car

We will focus on Stephen Lynch. We will see what happened to him and why his mother is still seeking justice for him.

Who was Stephen Lynch?

Stephen Lynch was a 31 year old man.

He was the eldest son of his mother Vera Donovan.

Stephen was also survived by his father Danny Lynch, who died in March this year.

He was a family man and a father of three kids.

He is said to have died when a car deliberately mowed him down.

Stephen was said to have asked the car to slow down as children were playing close.

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The incident happened in Brookview which is not far from Tallaght, South of Dublin.

It happened on 13th April,2017.

Investigations into Lynch’s death are still not completed.

The driver of the car along with one other fled the scene on foot and has since not be found.

Stephen Lynch mum vow to fight till his killers are found.

Stephen’s heart broken mother is vowing to get justice for his son.

Vera, his mother said his killers  “will get what they deserve”.

She added that we“will all get karma for what they did.”  She intimated hat she is fighting “hard to get justice”  for his late son.

She made this known through a post on Lynch’s memorial page.

It was a page which was set after his untimely death.She wrote:

“Nothing is the same since you were so horribly taken from us,” Vera wrote.

“It’s just so hard to accept how you died, dirty murdering cowards will never know real happiness like we did when we still had you here.”

Who was Stephen Lynch?innocent man ploughed down by car
Image credit: Irish mirror.

“I will never give up fighting for justice for you. And I will get it,” she ended.

It has been reported that many people witnessed Stephen’s death, but none of them had come out to help the family in finding killers of their loved one

The case of Stephen’s murder is still open at the Tallaght Garda station, though the DPP has rule that there will be no charges on it.

This they said due to lack of evidence.


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