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Stella-Lily McCorkindale

The article focuses on Stella-Lily McCorkindale. We will look at the hundreds that gather at her funeral following her death from Strep A.

Who was Stella-Lily McCorkindale?

She is a five year old girl who died from Strep A disease.

Her death follows the discovery of the Strep A disease in the school, which she attended.

The primary school of Stella-Lily McCorkindale reported cases of the disease.

She was a class two pupil of Black Mountain Primary School.

Deaths related to Strep A have heightened in recent times with the UK recorded 16 deaths among children.

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Stella-Lily McCorkindale school described her unfortunate death as a “tragic loss”.

Her school statement further added that: “Stella-Lily was a very bright and talented little girl, and very popular with both staff and children, and will be greatly missed by everyone at school.”

Stella-Lily McCorkindale funeral.

Her funeral was held today with hundreds at her funeral.

It was a grievous display of rainbow colours as mourners bid farewell to this young girl. Even her coffin was designed in rainbow colours as well.

Tributes to Stella-Lily McCorkindale include floral tributes.

One of Stella-Lily floral tributes was said to be designed in the form of an angel.

The other floral tributes also appeared in the form of a teddy bear as well.

Her funeral processing began from  her grandmother home. It was then drawn on horses carriage along the Shankil road.

Mourners trekked through Roselawn crematorium which is in the East of the town.

Stella-Lily McCorkindale


By Robert

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