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Who was Simon Lingard? British who died while fighting in Ukraine.

Simon Lingard is our topic for discussing. We will look at how he ended up in the front line  Ukraine in their war against Russia.

Who was Simon Lingard?

Lingard was a former Brits special force soldier.

He was a family man and a father of two from Blackburn.

His two kids who survived him are 17 year old Jackson and Keane who is only 13.

He was not married at the time of his death, but was previously married to one Stacey Longworth, who is the mother of his teen kids.

He was a British retired soldier who was fighting in Ukraine.

He died on Monday while in the front line for Ukraine in a battle against Russia.

Known as  Grimmy, Lingard died in the Donbas region in what has been described as during Russia shelling.

Simon Lingard went to Ukraine along with many other Brits voluntarily.

This was after the invasion of that country by Russia.

Tributes pour in for Simon Lingard: A true soldier.

The celebration of the life of the volunteered Ukraine soldier described as a “true Soldier” began with his son Jackson.

The 17 year old wrote on Facebook saying:

“After years of dedicating his time and effort to protecting our country, my dad still had more fight in him and left the country to protect the people of Ukraine against the Russian army too.

“My heart is broken to announce that his troop was attacked and Dad has passed away in battle, a true hero and beloved to so many of us.

“I can’t put into words how much he is and will be missed, but I’m comforted to know that this happened doing what he loved and surrounded by friends.

“I love you dad, I’m so proud of you.”

His ex-wife also joined in celebrating the father of her kids.

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Stacey Longworth wrote:“He deserves for the world to know he was a hero.

“I’m extremely proud of him. Simon was a true representation of what a soldier should be and a hero.”

A friend of the fallen soldier joined in what appeared to be a family affair. He wrote:

“Absolutely gutted to be posting this, Si was an awesome soldier with a great, sometimes questionable sense of humour.

“He is a guy I’m proud to have served with in 2 Para before he moved to SFSG and served in Afghanistan on multiple tours.

“After the Russian invasion of Ukraine he did not hesitate to go and fight on their behalf and I’m sure his expertise, experience and mentoring capabilities have helped the Ukrainian army push the Russians back to their current point.”

“I’m also sure what he will have taught those fighting with him will help them win this war.”

How did Simon Lingard die?

The veteran soldier died when a Russia bomb landed in their trench.

Ukraine to fly Simon Lingard  to England as his kids ask for support in celebrating their dad.

Jackson, his elder son spoke about how the Ukraine Military has offered to bring the veteran body’s home.

He wrote:

“Me and Keane are absolutely heartbroken.

“The Ukrainian Military have offered to bring him home to England but we need help to show him the respect and adoration he deserves by giving him the greatest, well deserved send off.

Go fund set up to honour Simon Lingard.

A go fund has been set up to honour him. His, 17 year son who is leading the appeal wrote the following, convincing Brits to help give a befitting burial for their father.

Jackson wrote:

“Could you all please find it in your heart to donate anything no matter how small so we can honour our Dad and allow him to finally Rest in Peace.”

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