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Who was Sean Fox? The Belfast shooting victim

Sean Fox will be the topic for discussion in this article. We will look at what he use to do for a living and how he was killed.

Who was Sean Fox?

He was a car dealer.

He is said to have originally come from Belfast.

Sean was once a player for Donegal Celtic and a regular at the social club.

He was family man and a father of two.

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He is said to have moved into Mr. Donegan’s Lisburn home after 2018.

He was a closed friend of Jim’ JD’ Donegan, a drug dealer who was killed in 2018.

He moved into the Jim’ JD’ home after his death.

Sean Fox also took over some of the businesses of the former drug dealer.

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Who killed Sean Fox?

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He was said to have been killed while he was drinking with friends.

Reports had it that he had information that his life was at a threat, but,he seem to have ignored that and continue to socialize with others in public.

How was Sean Fox killed?

He was at Donegal Celtic social club when two men walked in there.

They allegedly shot  Sean Fox a number of times in the head and this happened just after 2.30pm on Sunday.

Who killed Sean Fox?

The security services has identified the killer of Sean Fox as hitman.

He is said to be a man who killed as many as six people since 2018.

People who witnessed the shooting described it as a “professional hit”.

The two men who killed Sean Fox are believed to have  left the scene on foot mostly along  the Suffolk road.

They might later entered the Lenadoon estate.

Who was Sean Fox? The Belfast shooting victim
Image credit: The Irish Mirror

The officers in order to preserve the crime scene relocated customers and staff to another room and also took statements from the witnesses.

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