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Rafal Bednarcyzk Jacyna

Rafal Bednarcyzk Jacyna will be discussed in this post. We will look at how he died and the suspect behind his death.

Who was Rafal Bednarcyzk Jacyna?

He was man from Kilkenny and the victim in the infamous Kilkenny stabbings.

Jacyna was a man who turned 36 just weeks ago. He was a businessman and died in his own home.

The late businessman was believed to have been stabbed fatally at home.

He was family man and father of one in that matter.

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Rafal Bednarczyk Jacyna was the owner of a juice bar in the central part of Kilkenny.

The businessman who used to lived at Meadow Way area of Kilkenny was stabbed in his leg.

The 36 year old died through bleeding after he was stabbed.

Who is the suspect in the Rafal Bednarczyk Jacyna death?

A suspect is being held over his death. The suspect is said to in his 60s.

Jacyna suspect was said to have been arrested at the scene.

The Irish Mirror say their sources tell them that  the suspect was someone who was known to Rafal Bednarczyk Jacyna.

Gardai say they are looking for no one else aside the suspect who have been taken into custody.

The suspect is said to be a pensioner and is not clear why he decided to take the life of someone younger than him.

Rafal Bednarcyzk Jacyna remains being taken away
Image Source: Irish Mirror

There are reports that the suspect stabbed him after a row which has been described as petty. Gardai are also said to be probing the matter in that regard.

The Lord Mayor of Kilkenny,David Fitzgerald said: “My sympathies go to the family of the man who died. Of course it’s always a shock when an incident such as this occurs.”

Gardai have also issued a statement in which they said : “Gardaí are investigating all the circumstances of a suspected fatal assault on a man that occurred in Kilkenny city on Monday.

“The man was discovered at a residence at Meadow Way, Castlecomer Rad, Kilkenny city, at approximately 6pm and pronounced dead at the scene.

“The body remains at the scene. The State Pathologist and Coroner’s Office have been notified. The scene is currently preserved for examination by the Garda Technical Bureau.

Rafal Bednarcyzk Jacyna
Image Source: IrishMirror

“A man in his 60s has been arrested on suspicion of murder. He is currently being detained at Kilkenny Garda Station under the provisions of Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984.

“No further information or Garda spokesperson is available at this

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