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Who was Pedro I of Brazil? Why did the emperor donate his heart to the country?

The article looks at Pedro I of Brazil. We also look at why he donated his heart to the country.

Who was Pedro I of Brazil?

Dom Pedro I is the Founder and first ruler of the empire of Brazil.

Nicknamed “the Liberator” Dom Pedro I was born on 12th October,1798 in Lisbon. He was a king named Pedro IV and he used to reign over Portugal.

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Pedro I of Brazil was also given the names of “the Liberator” as well as  “the soldier King” in his native Portugal.

Pedro I was the son of King Dom John VI  and Queen Carlota Joaquina, both of Portugal. He was their fourth child and a proud member of the House of Braganza.

Their country was evaded by France at the time, forcing Pedro I and his family to seek refuge in Brazil, which was a colony of Portugal.

Brazil was the largest as well as the richest of the colonies of Portugal.

Pedro I father later return to Portugal leaving him behind in Brazil as a regent and to rule on his behalf.

What endear Pedro I to the Brazilians was when Portugal wanted to revoke the political autonomy of Brazil and Pedro stood on the side of the Brazilians.

He eventually declared the independence of Brazil from Portugal on 7th September,1822.He was given the title of Brazilian emperor and he led soldiers to defeat armies who were loyal to Portugal.

Why did the emperor Pedro I donate his heart to the country?

Pedro I had tuberculosis and was confined to his bed and even used that time when he was undergoing pain to write to Brazilians asking them to end Slavery. Pedro I had requested that his heart be placed in Porto’s Lapa Church after his death on 24th September,1834.

His body was interred in the Royal Pantheon of the House of Braganza.

It is this heart of his that has been returned to Brazil as they prepare for their independence.

The independence that was fought for and won by Pedro I.

By Robert

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