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Paul Stanley Schmidt

Paul Stanley Schmidt will be discussed in this post. We will look at how he died defending his daughter whom he took with him to a coffee shop.

Who was Paul Stanley Schmidt?

Paul Stanley Schmidt
Image Source:nypost

He was a 37 year old man. He was a Canadian man. Schmidt was a family man.

He was married and shared a three year old daughter with his partner.

He is survived by his mother, fiancee/partner and daughter.

What are the facts behind his death?

The 37 year old went to a Vancouver coffee shop in the evening along with his lovingly daughter.

He was outside the coffee shop with his daughter after his fiancee had gone  to get drinks.

It was at this moment that Schmidt asked the attacker not to vape near his precious daughter.

It was this statement which infuriated his attacker who stabbed him  possibly in his stomach.

In a video released on social media, showed the 37 year old holding on to his stomach. He is said to be seen  “clutching his stomach as he staggered and fell to the ground in a pool of blood”.

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Kathy Schmidt who is his mother told the Vancouver Sun that:

“This is so horribly wrong what happened. He was just trying to protect his daughter. I’m angry and I’m sad.”

“It all started because he was vaping beside the baby. Ashley’s in shock — she watched the whole thing. She’s so devastated.”

She added that his son never knew his attacker had a knife saying:“He had a knife. I don’t carry a knife into a coffee shop, do you?”

Who is Paul Stanley Schmidt attacker?

Paul Stanley Schmidt killer Goza singh

His attacker is a 32 year old man. His name is Inderdeep Singh Gosa.

Paul Stanley Schmidt: Image from chilling video of the fatal stabbing
Image source:nypost

He is the one who attacked Schmidt infront of his own daughter.

The suspect Inderdeep Singh Gosa has been charged with murder of the 37 year old.

Police say the stabbing incident followed what they called a “brief altercation.”

Who is Paul Stanley Schmidt daughter

She is three year old Erica Schmidt. She witnessed this horrific killing of her dad.

She had to fall into the hands of her mother who had gone to get drinks from the coffee shop.

They were drinks they never had the chance to take.


Paul Stanley Schmidt: Memorial for the victim


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