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Who was Nicole Barnes?mum who just passed away on the couch next to daughter.

Nicole Barnes, a mother who just passed away on the couch next to her daughters will be under discussion in this article.

Who was Nicole Barnes?

She was a 29 year old woman from Bottle , Merseyside in UK.

She reportedly died while sitting on the couch with her daughter.

She was a mother of four children.

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The names of Nicole’s children are “Nieve, 10, Scott, seven , Tom, five , Delilah, three.”

Tom who is five is said to be autistic child.

She was in a relationship with her partner by name Craig Sharnock.

Her death was discovered when her other three children whom she sent to school on that day closed and had no one to pick them up.

It was her friend who found Nicole on the couch and tried to resuscitate her.

Nicole had picked up her three year daughter,Delilah at 11.30am from a nursery school.

She was waiting to go and pick up the other children when death visited her.

Who is Nicole Barnes partner?

Her parent is Craig as indicated earlier.

He is a 37 year old man.

He is training to be a carpet fitter.

The death of Nicole Barnes has made him a single  dad of four kids.

Craig will have a hard time caring for the children and mixing that with his training.

This is even hard with Tom, the Autistic child.

Tribute pour in for Nicole along with fund raising.

Nicole’s cousin, Kim Jowett paid a glorifying tribute for her. She said:

“She picked up Delilah at 11.30am from nursery and was just waiting round to go back and pick her children up. She just passed away on the couch. She was an absolutely gorgeous young girl. She didn’t have a bad bone in her body.

“She was an absolutely amazing mum and she did everything with such grace. She was a better mum than I ever could be. She had loads of issues with getting her five-year-old into help and into school because of his autism but she didn’t stop. She fought and fought until he got everything he ever needed.”

She added that Nicole was “fit, healthy and never had anything wrong with her”.

Who was Nicole Barnes?mum who just passed away on the couch next to daughter.
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