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Maud Coffey

The article looks at Maud Coffey, the woman who was knifed to her unfortunate death in her apartment at Dublin.

Who was Maud Coffey?

She was a woman in her forties. Maud Coffey was said to be a woman who was lovely and could not even kill a fly.

Maud Coffey used to live at Horizon apartment block in Ashtow in West Dublin.

She was killed by a man who used a knife on her. She was stabbed by this man a number of times, killing her in the process. The man is suspected to be her boyfriend.

Her neighbours described her as a “vulnerable” woman.

However despite her vulnerability, she was said to be friendly. One of them, one Ms Murphy said: “I’m shocked because the woman was harmless, she wouldn’t harm a fly.

“She went about her business, she was great with the kids in the area.

“She used to go around with the kids and draw on the road with chalk.

“She also used to go around picking up all the rubbish. She was very quiet but she was great.

“There’s never been anything like it. It’s horrible.”

Who killed Maud  Coffey?

The suspect in the murder of Maud Coffey is a  man in his 50s.

He is said to be a man who is likely to be mentally retarded. Her killer is said to have boasted at a bus station that, he killed her.

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He reportedly killed her around 10am in the morning. The unnamed man is said to have made references to

the “apostles”, made  what has been described as sexual references and even used racist slurs around in the morning of  her murder.

This scared children, who were being taken to school and they had to call gardai.

Maud Killer is also from Dublin. One woman even alerted gardai to do a welfare on him.

However, when Gardai arrived at the property, the man was not in the house.

Maud Killer, who is a man in his 50s has been detained under the mental health act.

A source is quoted to have said: “The suspect in the case has serious mental health issues and people known to him were concerned about his welfare.

“After he went on a rant at a bus stop, gardai detained him.

“He spoke to them and it led to the discovery of the body.”

The man is also being held on suspicion of murder.

Tanya Murphy, who is a neighbor to miss Maude told the Irish mirror in an interview that: “I had to take my kids off the bus this morning.

“There was a woman there who he was giving racist abuse to. Then he was going on about how much he hates women.

“He was saying that he had to go somewhere to do something about his girlfriend.

“But his language was vile like. He made it known how much he hated women at the bus stop.

“He was saying he was going home to drink wine because Jesus Christ said that’s what to do.”

maud Coffey death scene
Image Source: Irish Mirror

Another witness had this to say about the man: “We saw the man at the bus stop and my friend had to ring the guards.

“He was saying vile things to the mothers and children there.

“He was then talking about the devil and all the kids were scared, so my friend rang the guards.

“The guards came to the bus stop. I was sitting at the back of the bus, he was sitting at the front. I was scared to get off because he was acting very strange. I was talking to Maud before Christmas, I saw her on the bus. She was just lovely.”


By Robert

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