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Who was Kelly Higgins?Mum of four killed herself after fearing she'd lose children in marriage split

The article looks at Kelly Higgins. We will delve deeper into her life and why she killed her self.

Who was Kelly Higgins?

She is a mother of four.

Kelly Higgins was 31 years who has been described as a dedicated to caring for her children.

She had the children with her former boyfriend Williams Higgins.

The pair dated while they were teenagers and are said to have married.

The once loved ones lost their first child who died prematurely.

Kelly Higgins is said to suffered  depression and anxiety after the death of her first child.

Kelly is said to have grown concern that her  kids might be taken away from her.

Gardai concerned as 9 weeks baby sustained serious injurious.

This was after her alleged split from her former husband.

She died at Bridlington based home in December,2021.

On Thursday, an inquest was held into her death and her family have paid tribute to her.

A family member of Kelly Higgins  said: “Kelly was a brilliant person, and she was all about her kids. We just miss everything about her.

“She was caring and would care for everybody. She is a huge loss to everyone who knew her.”

Who was Kelly Higgins?Mum of four killed herself after fearing she'd lose children in marriage split

The couple who met as teenagers had their first child in 2010. They went ahead to have two more children after the death of their first child before settling down together.

A family member said “Kelly was a happy-go-lucky person, but she and William were heavy drinkers, which contributed to the breakdown of the marriage.”

The  couple  unfortunately broke up  when Williams had a relationship with a woman from his work place.

Kelly’s mum and stepdad who visited her said  she was in good spirit, highly concerned for her children.

They said “She told me if she could not have the kids her life would not be worth living.”

Kelly Higgins wrote two  suicide notes. One of them read: “I’m sorry. I do not see any way out. I am tired of fighting. I can’t cope, and it hurts too much.”

She also left a second note to her partner which read “I am sorry for everything. Thank you for everything, you are amazing, and I am not sorry for loving you. Please do one more thing and make sure my kids know how much I love them. I’m sorry for letting you down.”

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