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Katie Higton
We will look at how Katie  Higton was knifed to death at home along with her partner. The gruesome murder took place while her children were at home with her.

Who was Katie Higton?

Katie Higton

Katie  was a 27 year old woman and a resident of Huddersfield. She was a mother of four children and a mental health nurse.

She was killed along with her partner in what has come to be known as the family horror.

The pair met their untimely death at home.

She was found at home with several injuries at her home in Huddersfield.

Katie Higton
Katie Higton Images Credit: TheSun

Who was Steven Harnett, Katie Higton partner?

Katie Higton partner Steven Harnett had recently started dating the mental health nurse
Steven Harnett: Katie Higton partner

He was a 25 year old man.

Steven’s  relationship with the mother of four began not quiet long.

Harnett was killed along with his partner at their home.

What shocked many is that the two were killed when the four children of her partner was at home at the time.

It is yet to be seen if the children witnessed the horrific killings.

Who killed Katie Highton?

The suspect isa 34 year old male. The suspect is still in custody and is reported to have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The name of this suspect was not given except to say he is still in custody.

Marc Bowes who is the “Detective Superintendent  of the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: “This has clearly been an exceptionally serious offence and I can promise residents that a full investigation is ongoing into the murder of this man and woman.

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“We are conducting extensive enquiries at the scene and at other locations in the Dalton area as we investigate the circumstances of what took place.

“I am appealing for anyone who saw suspicious activity overnight or this morning at the property on Harpe Inge to contact us”.

It is not clear if the killings has anything to do with her new relationship with her partner.

One tribute said: “Katie had started going out with another man, going to the cinema and that sort of thing.”

“She was a brilliant mother and great nurse carer for the mentally ill.

“I’m heartbroken for her and her four kids – the littlest boy is only six months old.”

one pal of hers also  wrote: “RIP my gorgeous!! You made me laugh when I needed to laugh and you were such amazing mum to the kids and amazing person!

“Don’t know how I’m going to carry on without seeing your kids, having a conversation with you or even our funny dances!!
Soo sorry gorgeous you were taken too soon!!

“Your kids will be looking up at you I promise!! Love you lots missy! And will miss you so much!!

“Rip to the man as well he didn’t deserve it.

By Robert

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