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Kathy Leacock

The article looks at Kathy Leacock, who is the wife of famous Brink’s-Mat robber Mick ‘The Nutter’ McAvoy.

Who was Micky McAvoy?

He was a famous BRINK’S-MAT robber.

Nicknamed “the Nutter”, Micky McAvoy is famed for the £26million gold raid.

The Brinks-Mat robber was the youngest of the gang of six. The  seasoned gang of six  active robbers carried out  what has been described as “crime of the century”.

The crime took place at no other place than at the Heathrow Brink’s-Mat security depot.

He is known for being the mastermind  of robbery whose personalities  have described as “Britain’s most prolific and violent armed robbers”.

Micky McAvoy should have spent his whole life in jail for that offnese, but he did not.

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Why, you may ask?

His part of that robbery, which was  gold, was  swiped while he was languishing in prison.

McAvoy is said to have had a hand in the contract murder of the man whose job was to look after his loot.

Police believed, he ordered for that man to be killed.

What is the Brink’s-Mat robbery that Micky McAvoy masterminded?

It was a robbery that took place at the Heatthrow International Trading Estate.

The Robbery occurred on 26th November,1083. The items involved in the robbery was that am amount of “£26 million  worth of gold bullion, diamonds, and cash was stolen from a warehouse”.

The Bullion is said to have belonged to Johnson Matthew Bankers Ltd.

The Johnson Matthews Bankers limited collapsed a year after the robbery.

Their collapse had to do with a transaction they did, which went wrong.

They offered loans, which were huge to firms which were fraudsters and insolvent.

Two individuals have been jailed after a conviction over the case. However, majority of the gold which was dolled out in the process were never recovered.

Lloyd’s of London,  who were their insurers had to pay for the losses.

There were several deaths and shooting incidents which occurred and said to have been linked to the case.

Roy Ramm, Ex Scotland Yard commander said last night: “McAvoy was one of the most violent and prolific robbers of his generation.

“He was feared among his peers and had been a top target of Scotland Yard for years.

“When he was eventually imprisoned for Brink’s-Mat there was a sense of a job well done and relief.

“He will no doubt be missed by his family and friends but beyond that there is not much to say in his favour.

“The flag will not be flying at half mast at Scotland Yard.”

Who was Kathy Leacock?

She was the wife of Brink’s-Mat robber Mick ‘The Nutter’ McAvoy.

Kathy Leacock died of cancer, about six months ago.

The Brink’s- Mat robber, Micky McAvoy had dedicated his life to care for his wife, Kathy Leacock.

Kathy Leacock and her husband were living alone in their home.

She has been described as the Brink’s -Mat robber “love of life”.

No wonder, he dedicated his life to caring for at the time, she needed him most.

Micky McAvoy was still married to his first wife, Jacqueline and was in a relationship with Kathy Leacock.

She has found something in the heart of the 71 year old, former robber.

How did Brink’-Mat robber Micky McAvoy die?

He is reported to have taken his own life in what can be described as suicide.

His death occurred on New Year’s eve at his flat, where he lived alone.

He was said to have fallen into depression after the death of Kathy Leacock.

His death can also be attributable to his financial situation.

The Brinks-mat Robber dedicated his own life to caring for his wife.

He was not working as a result of that.

Micky McAvoy also had cancer himself.

The death of his daughter, who died ten years ago, was also affecting him.

His depression could be a combinations of these two deaths that visited his family.

The last straw that seems to have broken the proverbial camel’s back was the death of his wife, Kathy Leacock.

One associate  of him is quoted to have said: “He was very depressed after the death of Kathy, who he nursed every day while she was ill with cancer.

“He also had cancer himself and had never recovered from the death of his daughter around ten years ago.

“He was hard-up because he’d been unable to work.

“He spent hours every day at the cemetery mourning for Kathy Leacock.

“It seems to have become too much for him to bear.”

He is said to have married his first wife, whose name has been given only as Jacqueline.

He shared three kids with his first wife.


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