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We will discuss Kathryn Anderson, who is the 2nd wife of American Stuntman, Conrad Palmisano.

Who was Kathryn Anderson?

Who was Kathryn Anderson? Conrad Palmisano 2nd wife. Irene Cara ex-husband 2nd wife

She was the second wife of Conrad Palmisano. She got married to him in 2000.

This follows his divorce with singer Irene Cara.

Her marriage lasted for only nine years. Kathryn Anderson died in 2019.

She was an American actress. K. Anderson is famed for her appearance  in the movies  Thir13en Ghosts ,X-Men and  X-Men: The Last Stand .

Who is Conrad Palmisano? Kathryn Anderson husband.

He is the only husband of singer Irene Cara.

Conrad Palmisano is an American double( an actor who replaces another actor without his face being shown) often referred as Stuntman. The man who also worked as director was born on 1st May,1944.

Conrad Palmisano is first appeared in “The Young Rebels”, a 1970 movie. He went a head to become the president of the stuntman’s association by 1980.

Conrad Palmisano is famed for being one of the first engineers who worked on putting together “Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences” back in 1984.

His marriage life began with singer Irene Cara in 1986.

The love life between the two fell apart in 1991 with a divorce.


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