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Kathleen McGinness

The article looks at Kathleen McGinness, the woman who died of her injuries in the infamous flats explosion in Jersey.

Who was Kathleen McGinness?

Kathleen McGinness  known famously as Kathy was a 73 year old woman.

She used to live at Haut du Mont which is adjacent to the building which collapsed in the Jersey General Hospital on Christmas day.

She was admitted to hospital following the incident which is at Pier Road, but have since died.

Kathleen McGinness death came after she was  hurt in the blast in St Hellier.

Madam Kathleen McGinness, is the tenth person to have died from the blast.

The police officers also named the other victims to be : “Derek and Sylvia Ellis, 61 and 73, Raymond ‘Raymie’ Brown, 71, Romeu and Louise de Almeida, 67 and 64, Peter Bowler, 72, and Billy Marsden, 62”.

The remaining two have been left out following the request by their families.

Police confirm the death of Kathleen McGinness. Their statement read: “I am in the incredibly sad position of confirming another fatality linked to Haut du Mont.

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“Kathleen (Kathy) McGinness, 73, who lived at Haut du Mont in an adjacent building to the one which collapsed, passed away in Jersey General Hospital on Christmas Day.

“She had been admitted to hospital following the incident at Pier Road.”

The Jersey‘s police Chief,Robin Smith further added:

“This incident has been incredibly challenging for everyone involved and I would like to praise the families for their stoicism in the face of such tragic circumstances.

What is the cause of the Jersey blast that claimed the life of Kathleen McGinness?

The gas explosion which ripped through the building in the island’s capital on December 10, 2022 is has claimed lives.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

The police chief had this to say “You look at the pictures and I’m no expert, I look to the left (the fire chief) for the expertise who can say it looks likely that that is the case.

“But, of course, as you often hear the police service saying, we keep all our options open. That seems likely but we do not know is the simple answer.”

Kathleen McGinness

By Robert

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