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Joy Dobler husband

Joy Dobler is the wife of late Conrad Dobler. We will look at their marriage and determine if they had children.

Who was Conrad Dobler? Joy Dobler husband

He was born as Conrad Francis Dobler on 1st October,1950. He was an American football player.

Conrad Dobler played as a guard in the National Football league(NFL). He played ten seasons in the NFL and he did this with St. Louis Cardinals.

Conrad Dobler was a fifth round pick of the 1972 NFL draft of the Cardinals. He later two seasons with the New Orleans Saints as well as  Buffalo Bills.

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Dobler had three pro Bowl  selection during his time with the Cardinals.

He was famed for his “notoriety for frequently utilizing unsportsmanlike tactics against opponents, which he openly acknowledged”.

Before joining the Cardinals, he played college football at the University of Wyoming.

At his time at the Cardinals, he played as an offensive guard and this spanned from 1972 to 1997.

The New York Times labelled Conrad Dobler as the NFL dirtiest player.

What is Conrad Dobler cause of death?

He died on Monday at the age of 72. The Cardinals announced the death of Dobler.

Michael Bidwill, who is the owner of the Cardinals said:m“Our hearts go out to the family, friends and former teammates of Conrad Dobler.”

He further added: “He was the kind of tough, physical and fierce player that you love to line up with as a teammate and hate to line up against as an opponent. On the field, Conrad was a big reason for the success of the Cardiac Cards of the 1970s. Away from it, he brought authentic joy and caring to everyone who had the privilege of being his friend and that is what I will remember most.”

His actual cause of death was not given.

Joy Dobler

Who was Joy Dobler?

Joy Dobler was the wife of Cardinals guard, Conrad Dobler.

She was a professional and a registered nurse.

She was also a successful entrepreneur. She built two companies namely SHSI, and Mobile Health Clinics.

She had so much love for helping others and this became evident in her work and personal life.

She founded the  “St. Thomas More booster club to raising awareness and funds for spinal cord research”.

Joy Dobler was a “6-foot tall woman” and had coached a neighbourhood Catholic boys basketball team.

Joy had a serious accident and it happened she was in a hammock in the backyard.

Joy D. slipped and hit her head. Her condition got worst over time as a result of a severe esophageal infection she acquired following invasive surgery.

This forced her husband,Conrad Dobler  to meet with actor Christopher Reeve.

This is because , Christopher Reeve experienced a spinal cord injury himself.

Dobler sought for Reeve’s advice and had to transfer his wife  to a hospital in St. Louis.

Joy Dobler spent 10 months recuperating and rehabilitating.

Her condition improved significantly over the years after staying that long at the hospital.

This however came at a great cost to the family as they had to sell their house to raise money to cover the over $500,000 in medical bills.

Joy later spoke about her accident saying :“I wasn’t bungee jumping or speed racing.”  She continue “I went to get into a hammock in my backyard, about a foot and a half off the lawn and fell out and broke my neck. It’s a plush lawn, soft grass. I couldn’t do it again if I tried a million times.”

Joy Dobler and her husband had six children together.

She died on 4th March, 2018 at the age of 61. She became quadriplegic after that accident.



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