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Joshua Odonker

Joshua Odonker will be our focus. We will be looking at the strange and bizarre manner in which he died. We will also look at what neighbors are doing to comfort his family.

Who was Joshua Odonker?

He was a two year old boy. He died from a choking incident.

Joshua Odonker is said to have choked on a fruit which led to his untimely death.

His parents are from Ghana in West Africa.

His incident happened when the boy was eating grapes.

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A part of it lodged in his windpipe. Paramedics did all they could in an effort to save the life of  Joshua Odonker to no avail.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. There are expectations that, an inquest will be done on his death.

Karen Coakley, who is Independent Councillor spoke about hos the community have been sadden by Joshua Odonker death.

He said :”I heard it yesterday morning and nobody seemed to know who it was. Sometimes when you don’t know who it is is it is almost as if it hasn’t happened.

“Where it happened is near where I am living. Supposedly the family moved to town over the last couple of months. They are originally from Ghana.

“It is almost sadder because if they just moved to town they don’t really have a network of support just yet or family support. Supporting them is all you can do.

“People are just so numb because it is such a cute age when a child is between two and three. It is just so tragic. A simple, simple little accident. It is just heartbreaking.”

Gardai, which refers to the Police Service in Ireland said  they are treating Joshua Odonker death as a  “tragic accident”. They added that they do not suspect foul play. They also indicated that:”Owing to the tragic nature of the incident no further information is available.”

Joshua Odonker neighbours vowed to support his parents.

  1. People in the Skibbereen  community in Cork county of Ireland  have vowed to offer every support  to the late boy’s family.

The Coroner for West Cork, where Skibbereen is located has been notified . Arrangement have also been made for a postmortem to be done at the Cork University Hospital.

By Robert

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