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Who is John Tuite?The Irishman who collapsed at radiator and dies.

John Tuite, an Irish man who died after collapsing near to a radiator, will be discussed in this article.

Who was John Tuite?

He was an 86 year old man. He used to work at the office as a  local undertaker

He is from Father Lemass Court in Ballyfermot along the Ballyfermot road.

He was a family man and a father of three and one of his three kids is one Ann Tuite.

The 86 year old man died at the St James Hospital in Dublin.

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He died in 2019 and is said to have laid at his apartment for about three days.

He sustained burns after he fell next to a radiator in his apartment which is in Dublin West.

An inquiry heard that John Suite apartment was a complex which was for Dublin City Council.

A postmortem examination of Tuite’s body revealed that, he suffered burns to about 12% of his body.

He is said to have been lying in his hallway for three days, before his body was discovered.

John’s is said to have suffered a heart attack. He also had burns to his back, legs and even buttocks.

Who found John Tuite and what was his state?

He was was discovered by one Mary Power. Ms Power said she saw that Tuite’s door was closed, but not locked.

She said, she found him still conscious, but unable to talk. The ambulance crew also told the inquest that Tuite was very dehydrated.

His daughter spoke about how hot her father’s apartment was. Ms Anna Tuite said:“My father loved the heat but not to that extent.”

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