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Who was Jessica Gallagher? Applegreen victim.

Jessica Gallagher, who is an Applegreen victim will be discussed in this article.

Who was Jessica Gallagher?

She was a 24 year old lady.

Her father’s name is Anthony Gallagher.

The name of her mother is not immediately known.

Jessica was also survived by her two unnamed sisters.

She was a student at the time of her untimely death.

She was at the Applegreen service station.

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Jessica was there with her boyfriend.

Jessica’s boyfriend is said to have survived the explosion.

The said boyfriend is now in a critical condition.

Who was Jessica Gallagher? Applegreen victim.


Tribute pour in for Jessica Gallagher?

John Mcgeady who is a relative of Jesica paid tribute to her.

She posted a message on Facebook to celebrate her.

He wrote “RIP. I’m sure you’re all heard about the gas explosion in Creeslough.Unfortunately our cousin Anthony Gallagher has lost his daughter Jessica in the explosion.

“Jessica was in the same year at school as my daughter Flonnuala. Our thoughts are with her parents and two sisters and also so with all the friends and families of all the other victims of this disaster.”

By Robert

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