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Jesse McFadden will be discussed in this post. We will also look at the victims of the Oklahoma sex offenders  killings.

Who was Jesse McFadden?

Jesse McFadden from the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry

He is a 39 year old man from Oklahoma.

He was a married man. He had children with his wife.

His wife’s name is Holly Guese.

Jesse McFadden:Holly McFadden
Holly Guese

He was imprisoned for 16 years. His prison sentenced was for a rape conviction.

Jesse McFadden was also to appeared in court on Monday  for another child of “soliciting child porn”.

What is the Oklahoma sex offenders killings and suicide?

Jesse McFadden

The serial sex offender killed six people, before opening the the gun on himself, authorities have said.

The incident occurred at a rural part of Oklahoma.

It was occurred at a home in Oklahoma which is believed to be for that of Jesse McFadden.

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McFadden allegedly shot his victims in their head.

The 39 year old then shot himself ending that blood bath in that home.

Who are the victims of the Oklahoma sex offenders massacre?

All six victims of Jesse McFadden had at least three wound s to the head.

The victims included two teenagers.

Jesse McFadden
Brittany Brewer: victim

Two of the victims are Ivy Webster who was fourteen and Brittany Brewer.

Ivy Webster and her best friend Tiffany Guess
Ivy Wester and Tiffany Guess

Brewer was 16 years.

They were reported to have been declared missing and suspected to be in danger.

The two teenagers were last seen with McFadden who is the suspect who died with them.

The suspects wife who is Holly Guess is also one of the six victims.

Jesse McFadden children of Rylee Elizabeth Allen, Michael James Mayo and Dore Guess are the remaining three victims.


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