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Who was Jason Kearney?Man who died after one punch attack in Dublin city.

We will look at Jason Kearney death and what the verdict of his death has been.

Who was Jason Kearney?

He was a 49 year old man from Ashling park which is in Dundalk in Co Louth.

Kearney was a family man and father to four kids.

Kearney was also survived by his three sisters.

His three sisters are: Lorraine Kearney, Michelle Kearney  and Julie Conway. They are pictured below.

The 49 year old man suffered a blow to his head in an incident that occurred on 2nd September,2020.

The suspect alerted emergency service providers after the incident.

A nine member female jury found his death as unlawful at the Dublin District Coroner’s court.

The man who attacked him was one Ian Moore who was sentenced to two years in prison.

Jason Kearney attacker who is a father of two said he gave him one punch.

The punch made Kearney to fall backwards and landing his head on the footpath.

Ian Moore had pleaded guilty to his offense and was sentenced on his own plea.

What led to Ian Moore punching Jason Kearney?

The facts of the matter as presented by Gardai Detective, Sgt Noonan  is that Kearney went to Moore’s home in the morning.

Ian Moore heard some noise in his basement and had opened his gate to determine the source of the noise.

The victim, Jason Kearney then forced his way into his home. He added that he had to force him out of his apartment.

Ian Moore added that his partner who was present at the time said her handbag had gone missing in the process.

Ian Moore then followed Kearney outside to retrieve his partner’s handbag.

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The late Jason Kearney then told him that, the said handbag was not with him.

Moore did not believe him and a scuffle broke out between the two men.

It was during this melee that suspect and now convict Ian Moore punched the victim.

Ian Moore, after punching him and the victim fell, he then tried to  help him by calling emergency service providers.

The emergency providers came and met him still attending to his victim.

The judge said, Moore should not have done what he did, knowing that Kearney was not a threat to him  again, now that he was outside his property.

Kearney’s family agreed, indicating that Moore’s action have given them a sentenced of life as they will not see their relative again.


Who was Jason Kearney?Man who died after one punch attack in Dublin city.
Kearney sisters. Image credit: Irish mirror


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