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Jake Daveson

Jake Davison will be discussed in this article. We will look at who, he was and why he did what he did?

Who was Jake Davison?

He was a 22 year old man.  He was a married man and had children. Jake Davison was married to his wife Rebecca Martyn.

He is the son of a 51 year woman by name Maxine.

Who are Jake Davison victims?

Jake Davison killings appears like a movie.  He killed as many  as five people in an eight minutes rampage.

He killed a Sophia Martyn, a three year old girl as long with her father Lee Martyn.

Sophia Martyn father was a 43 year old man. Jake Daveson also killed a 59 year old man by name Stephen Washington.

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He also killed Kate Shepherd, who was a 66 year old man. He finally killed his own mother by name Maxine.

One witness reports that: “There was no helping them.

“They looked peaceful.”

Horrified neighbours began calling 999 to report the shooting after hearing a “bang”.

Another witness said: “He is shooting everywhere.”

Jake mother’s sister by Marlene  is said to have called the emergency services, saying: “Her son has got mental health problems. He has grabbed her by the throat and is not messing around.”

Jake Davison captured on Camera.

Now, it is emerging that, his rampage has been captured on camera. He was captured around 6.24pm on CCTV killing himself by putting the gun on his throat. An officer is heard saying:”A man has shot himself in the head.”

Jake Davison is said to have received his shotgun and its license, only weeks after this rampage.


By Robert

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