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Who was Grace Rush?An Irish teen who died suddenly.

We will look at Grace Rush. We will look at the teen who has been described as being shinning and radiant.

Who was Grace Rush?

She was  an Irish teenager who died suddenly.

She used to stay at Killincarrig road, The Burnaby, Greystones in Wicklow county.

Grace Rush was the daughter of Stephen and Orla Doyle.

She was survived by her brothers Joshua and Darragh.

Grace Rush was also a student of St. Gerrard’s school.

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She was also a member of the Wicklow ladies football. One unique thing about Grace was what many say was her smiling face which greets everyone.

Grace has been buried at the Redford Cemetery in Greystones.

This follows her funeral court age that went from her family home into the Holy Rosary Church.

Tribute pour for Grace Rush.

There have tributes from all places and almost all that knew her.

Grace was said to be  a person with the “most perfect ‘smiling eyes’ and was always ‘a beacon of light’, shining and radiant”.

There was a tribute from the Wicklow Ladies Football to which she was a member.

Their tribute said: “On a particularly sad day in Wicklow, Wicklow Ladies Football and all supporters everywhere we send condolences firstly to the family and friends of Pat Mitchell who passed to his eternal reward today.

“A wonderful Gael, a true supporter of all sports but certainly his beloved Rathnew and Wicklow Pat’s loss will be felt throughout the Garden County.

“Also at this time we send all our love and sincerest condolences to the heartbroken community in Greystones in general, the Eire Og club and to the grieving Rush family and the wide circle of young friends of Grace Rush in particular on the sudden passing of this lovely young player. May both their souls rest forever in peace.”

Her school, the St. Gerrard’s school was not left out.

The headmaster of the school said “Grace brought joy and laughter into the lives of everyone who knew her. Grace had the most perfect “smiling eyes” and was always “a beacon of light”, shining and radiant.

“She was the perfect student – simply brilliant academically, a fantastic role model to everyone. Grace was accomplished and exemplary in all things, and adored all activities she participated in. Grace was blessed with a dazzling, sparkling personality and a beaming, glowing smile to light up every room.

By Robert

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