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Emma Louise Powell

Emma Louise Powell will be discussed. We will look at her drowning and the killer board that she bought which claimed her life.

Who was Emma Louise Powell?

She was a 24 year old woman, who met her untimely death after buying a paddle board.

She went paddling with Amber Powell, her cousin when the unfortunate happened.

The 24 year old bought the paddle board from Tesco and took to sea with it. This happened in July during the heat wave that swept through Britain and other countries.

Emma Powell and her cousin were in a company of four groups of boarders.

Emma Louise Powell and her cousin were said to have been caught  in a tide. They then crashed into a jetty and Courtney Powell, who is one of Emma Cousins with her narrated the incident that led to her death.

“They quickly went out of sight. We couldn’t see them.

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“We didn’t think anything of it at first as both had been laughing.”

She added that they heard Amber Powell asked for help for Emma.

“Help, Emma’s in the water. She’s stuck. I can’t see her.”

“Emma was a beautiful young lady, who was adventurous and had a free spirit.

“She will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives.”

By Robert

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