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Who was Drummie Zeb wife?

The article looks at Drummie Zeb wife. We will answer the question of whether he was married or not.

Who was Drummie Zeb?

Drummie Zeb was a British musician. He was born as  Angus Gaye on 24th September 1959.

Zeb  was the drummer and lead singer for the reggae band Aswad.

Drummie Zeb released the Aswad most recent material in 2009, with the album City Lock.

Aswad band began performing in the 1970s. They released 21 albums in total and toured the world at the time.

Their hit songs include Don’t Turn Around in 1988 and Give a Little Love.

The Aswad band in 1989  performed together with Cliff Richard  with the song Share a Dream.

He was regarded as the pioneer of reggae music.

Drummie Zeb was the son of a Grenadian born parents.

He was a former pupil of the Holland Park  School in London.

Who are Russell Wilson siblings? brother Harrison IV, and sister Anna.

Drummie Zeb also worked as a record producer.  As a producer,Drummie worked with fellow musicians such as Ruth Joy with the album Pride and Joy and Vanessa Mae with “Classical Gas“. This album went as high as 41 on the UK Singles in 1995.

Who was Drummie Zeb wife?

The marriage life of the famous reggae musician is not known.

It is not clear if he was married or had children.

The name of his wife is not known. There are equally no record of his dating or girl friends he had.

It is not clear how the popular figure kept all these private.

By Robert

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