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Devin Willock

Devin Willock will be discussed in this article. We will look at his parents, career, girlfriends and more about the University sophomore.

Who was Devin Willock?

He was a 20 year old man. Devin Willock was an offensive lineman for the famous University of Georgia.

He was a native of  New Jersey and  sophomore for the redshirt. Devin Willock has been described as “an outstanding young man in every way”.

He was said to be a person, who was always smiling and was a great teammate as well.

Devin Willock was not only a happy person, but was a great delight to his coach.

He had played as a regular player for the season. Devin played in “Southeastern Conference Championship”.

Devin Willock played as in College football as well as playoff for UGA.

How did Devin Willock die?

He died in a roach crash in the early part of Sunday morning.

He was passenger in the car of one Chandler Lecroy. Lecroy is a 24 year old and as staffer of UGA.

The death comes just hours after their teams national championship parade.

Devin and Lecroy Chandler were in a 2021 Ford Expedition. Their car went off the road around 2.45 am and collided with poles as well as tress, police sources stated.

Devin Willock died instantly, while Lecroy was taken to hospital, but died from her injuries.

A statement was released confirming the death of the two.

“The entire Georgia family is devastated by the tragic loss of football student-athlete Devin Willock and football staff member Chandler LeCroy,”

“Devin and Chandler were two special people who meant so much to the University of Georgia, our football program, and our athletic department. We ask that everyone keep their families in your prayers during this very difficult time.”

Kirby Smart , who is the Georgia coach released a statement … “We are all heartbroken and devastated with the loss of Devin Willock and Chandler LeCroy. Devin was an outstanding young man in every way. He was always smiling, was a great teammate, and was a joy to coach.”

“Chandler was a valuable member of our football staff and brought an incredible attitude and energy every single day. We grieve with their families for this tragic loss and will support them in every way possible.”

Devin Willock parents.

We don’t have the exact names of his parents. His father is said to suffer from glaucoma and had vision problems.

He is from a family of siblings with high school football. Devin is the youngest of his three brothers.

However, Devin is having a better career than them.

He is someone, who wants to be closed to family. His home from UGA is 90 minutes by air as well as 90 minutes by land.

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This is what, Devin said about his family.

“I have family down in Georgia and after you take the hour and a half flight down to Atlanta it is not really too much of a drive to get to the stadium and to get to campus,” he said. “That factor there played a big role here in making this change.”

“The commute was even to me but to my family it was going to be better for them” Willock said. “Just like our personal situation. How do we get there? How do they get to visit me and stuff like that? I want to be able to reach my family when needed because I think of myself as a very home-based guy. I love to be around my family and my people.”

Devin Willock girlfriends.

We don’t have details of Devin dating life. We cannot independently verify, if he was not dating or had his relationship life in private.

By Robert

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