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Dean Johnson will be discussed. We will tell you how he was shot after swapping coats with another man. We will also tell you why they swapped the coats in the first place.

Who was Dean Johnson?

He was a 21 years old man. He is from Dublin and he met his untimely death because he swapped coats with another man. He was the son of Elizabeth and Larry Johnson.

Dean Johnson was shot severally by two men at Harelawn Green in Clondalkin which is also in West Dublin.

The 21 year old was shot just a  short distance from his home  and this occurred after midnight.

One witness said she heard noises outside Dean’s home and came out to see him being shot  in the head.

A taxi driver by name David Ryan said he heard “popping noises”. This was when he was  was driving his taxi  and after that he added that he “saw two young men running on either side of the road.”

David Ryan, the driver added that one of them shot five rounds and the other also shot at least four times.

Who is this man who swapped coats with Dean Johnson?

His mother told the District Coroner court in Dublin that she believed her son swapped coats with another person.

Dean was said to have been drinking around 11 pm and he was not allowed to enter the Finches.

His friend David Gilligan who was inside the Finches said  Dean Johnson and one other person went to the club together.

He said he was walking with Dean when he saw two men approached them and pointed something at them. They took off running and he later realized that Dean was not with them.

The investigators said ten people were arrested, but no charges were leveled against them.

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They added that the case of Dean Johnson murder is an opened one and they are hoping that more more opportunities will open later.

So it is clear that this unknown man exchanged the coat with Dean knowing that some people were after him.

It is highly possible that Dean might have been drunk and did the exchange without sensing danger.

A friend who visited Dean’s home who was attended to him after hearing the shots said another man came to her and told her that “the shots were for him”.

Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson parents



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