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Damian Conlon

Damian Conlon will be discuss in this article. We will look at the circumstances leading to his killings in Australia.

Who was Damian Conlon?

He was a 31 year old man from Sligo in Ireland.

His father’s name is Dermot Conlon whiles his mother’s name is Ethel Conlon.

Damian Conlon is said to have moved to Australia twelve year ago. He moved there to start life during the time his country was facing recession.

He is a carpenter by profession.

His death have shocked many in his Irish home town of Sligo and left them saddened as well.

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A source reportedly told the Irish Mirror that:

“His family is popular and well known in the area and everyone is so shocked and saddened that this has happened,” a local resident told this paper.

“It’s a complete shock to his family and everyone is rallying around them. They are waiting on more details as to what happened.”

When Damian Conlon had his Australia Citizenship, he reportedly told a local Australia paper that:

“This is the best country in the world.

“There’s no better place to live, I reckon.”

His visit to Australia was initially through a year working holiday visa, but he later got his citizenship.

The 31 year old set up two businesses and these two later became a large one which he named as L&D Excavation.

He spoke about how he had traveled throughout Australia and singled out the town of Bathurst calling it as lovely:

“I’ve travelled across Australia, so I’ve only been in Bathurst for just about a year and four months, but it’s lovely.”

How was Damian Conlon killed?

He was shot in a house in Australia. He is said to have died from the gunshot wounds he sustained.

Conlon died at the scene of the incident. There were efforts made by NSW ambulance paramedics in order to save his life, but to no avail.

He is said to have been looking forward to spending the rest of his life   “in the best country in the world”, Australia.

Who shot and killed Damian Conlon?

The murder took place in a house which is located on Jenolan Street shortly after 8am yesterday.
He was found at the scene suffering from a gunshot wound.

A serious investigation into Damian Conlon death has now been launched by officers from “Chifley Police District in NSW”.

The suspect who killed him was at the house and was taken to Oberson Police Station to assist with inquiries.

A  statement which was released to the Irish Mirror by NSW Police said: “A crime scene was established, which will be examined by specialist forensic police and a firearm has been seized for further examination.“Initial inquiries suggest the two men were known to each other”.

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