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Conor Downey

Conor Downey will be discussed in this post. We will look at his death and how he was a former convicted killer.

Who was Conor Downey?

He was a 57 years old man from Cork. Downey was from West Douglas and his house was located at West Douglas road.

He died on Tuesday in a house blaze in Cork.

He had been convicted on two occasion for what is said to be “violent crimes against women”.

He was jailed in 2004 for twelve years. This was at the time he was only 39 years. He was tried at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin. This follows the 39 year old at the time breaking into  a woman’s home while she was asleep and assaulting her sexually.
That was not all, he  had beaten her badly.
Conor Downey had originally be jailed in 1993 in London. This was a manslaughter he committed in 1988.
His victim was a 26 year old woman whom he shared a house with.
The two times for which he was jailed were crimes committed in 1988. The first one which was in London was the woman whom he was staying with. He killed her  in 1988 and only confessed his crime, leading to the discovery of the woman’s body in 1992.
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The second case which is the sexually assaulted also happened in 1988, but he was arrested in 2001.
This was when fingerprints as well as DNA technology gave him out in a Gardai investigation.
He came back to Ireland back in 1990s after he was released for the killing of the woman in London.

What led to Conor Downey dying in the house fire in Cork?

He is said to have kept a low profile life in his new location. He is seen only shopping for family member in a near by house, according to locals of the area.

Who was Conor Downey?The convicted killer who died in the Cork house fire
Image Source: Irishmirror
Those who know of his bad past had been wary of him. His family member whom he was caring for is his sister. On local is quoted to have said:  They said: “There was a bit of fear when he first moved in, but he ended up being very quiet. You’d see him out and he was friendly, but he never went to the pubs or anything like that. He just kept to himself at home.

“His sister lived nearby and he would go out to help her with stuff but otherwise he’d only have popped to the shops or had a drink in his house.”

How did the fire start?

The fire started around 3.15 pm according to IrishMirror sources. His body was discovered on the floor of the house possibly after the fire.
The Cork Fire brigade responded to the house fire, but not help save the life of Conor Downey.


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