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Chloe Mitchell

We will uncover how Chloe Mitchell, the  missing Ballymena woman, whose remains has been found halting the search for her and activating a murder investigation to determine how she died.

Who was Chloe Mitchell?

She was a 21 year old lady from Ballymena. The Northern Ireland woman went missing and was declared as missing person who was at “high risk”.

Chloe Mitchell went missing a week ago as the 21 year old was last seen on June 3,2023.

Detectives launched a criminal investigation over the disappearance of Chloe Mitchell, but now they have concluded that Chloe Mitchell was murdered.

How was Chloe Mitchell remains found?

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Millar who spoke to  Belfast Live said: “Sadly today detectives have recovered suspected human remains in Ballymena and while there has been no formal identification we have launched a murder enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of 21-year-old Chloe Mitchell who was a high-risk missing person.

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“Earlier this week we launched a criminal investigation into Chloe’s disappearance. Tragically, we now have reason to believe Chloe was murdered. Our thoughts this evening are very much with Chloe’s family and we have specialist officers providing them with support at the heart-breaking time”.

We used the opportunity to thank all especially the search and rescue teams and the Ballymena community for their efforts in searching for the 21 year old Chloe Mitchell.

Chloe Mitchell
Search and Rescue teams on the bank of the River Braid in Ballymena Image credit: The IrsihMirror

By Robert

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